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Riverside provides value for money services to a wide range of agencies, local authorities and other service providers. Our work stretches across a wide variety of communities.

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Welcome to our Value For Money self assessment 2015

Business effectiveness is how we wish to describe value for money, embedded in the organisation rather than seen as something separate.

The Group has a strong financial focus and a proven track record of delivering efficiency. The engagement of staff, customers and board members helped  us to understand intuitively what ‘Value for Money’ meant for the organisation. Click on the links above to read the 2015 report. 

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  1. Older People’s Day

    Wednesday 30 September 2015

    Older People’s Day

  2. Protecting older people from financial scams
  3. My Story (or, how it took 30 years for a non-event to become one!)

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  1. Annual report to customers published pic

    Thursday 01 October 2015

    Annual report to customers published

    We have published our 2015 report to customers, our opportunity to tell you how we are performing, celebrate our achievements and highlight where and how we need to improve.

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