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Paying your rent and charges


Rent and charges are paid in advance. You need to pay by Monday for the following week.

Make payments automatically so you never forget
Once it’s set up, it runs itself. And we’ll give you advance notice of any change to your payments.

Don't have a bank account?
We can even help you set one up.
Call us to set this up.


You'll need your Easypay payment card for any of these options.

Pay online with a debit or credit card at Allpay's internet payment site

AllpayBy app
Search for ‘Allpay’ on your App store.

Download for Apple users

Download for Android users

In person
Pay by cash, debit or credit card where you see these signs.

Find your nearest PayPoint

By phone
Call us to pay with a debit or credit card.


By post
You can send a cheque to your local office. Make it payable to ‘Riverside’ and write your name, address and Easypay card number on the back.

Remember, you will need to send your cheque well in advance as there is a delay in crediting your account.


Standing Order
Like Direct Debit but you need to alter the amount if your charges change.

Ask us for a form to send to your bank or building society.


Housing Benefit
You can ask Housing Benefit to pay us direct. This may cover all or part of your rent. Contact us to see if you are entitled and we can help you make a claim and process it quickly. It’s up to you to make sure that your claim is accurate, with all the relevant documents.You are responsible for any debt that builds up in the meantime.

Struggling to make payments?

We want to help before things get on top of you. We could help you access benefits and support services, borrow or save money, or put you in contact with someone else who can help. Get in touch today, and get help.

What happens if you don't pay