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12 Months Progress at Bransholme


North Bransholme - afterSocial landlord Riverside has exceeded its promises made to residents when it took over the North Bransholme estate in Hull 12 months ago.

In November 2010, Riverside took over 1184 homes after tenants voted in favour of a stock transfer from Hull City Council.

When it took over the management of the estate, Riverside agreed an investment plan with the Council to refurbish over 140 boarded up properties, some of which had been empty for up to 15 years. They became a magnet for anti-social behaviour, fly tipping and vandalism and were a blot on the landscape.

In a bid to transform the estate, Riverside set out a five year, £15 million refurbishment plan.

Since then, Riverside has:

  • Invested over £5 million.
  • Brought 562 properties up to the Decent Homes Standard, a government standard to ensure all homes are modern, warm and weatherproof. It is also on track to deliver Decent Homes Plus two years ahead of schedule.
  • Fitted 1,880 front and rear doors.
  • Fitted 800 homes with top efficiency boilers and new central heating systems within six months, two months ahead of schedule.
  • Externally insulated 114 homes
  • Fitted new loft insulation in 500 homes.
  • Demolished 49 of 109 long term empty unsustainable properties.
  • Brought 40 long term voids back into use.
  • Created 39 new employment opportunities for local people.
  • Pledged over £5k to local groups from community chest funds.

    Take a look at our exclusive North Bransholme video "The first chapter of change" which details our work and the response from the most important people - the residents.

North Bransholme - duringRiverside’s Operations Manager Carl Mitchell said: “The estate was originally built in the 1970s following earlier slum clearance programmes and post war housing need. By the 1990s it suffered low demand and growing number of properties were boarded up.A large investment was needed in the area which is ranked in the top 10% nationally for multiple deprivation.

“The estate narrowly missed out on Housing Market Renewal Pathfinder funding, some residents, understandably, had started to lose faith.

“So when we came along promising to transform lives and revitalise the neighbourhood, we needed to quickly make an impact in the area and the results so far speak for themselves.

“We have achieved so much within our first year that we hope we have started to change lives and restore neighbourhoods. North Bransholme has a great community spirit and I’m glad that the homes are now starting to reflect the renewed vigour of the people who live in them.”

All of the latest information is available to view in North Bransholme News and Views.  (November 2011).

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Over the next four years, Riverside will:

  • Invest a further £10 million.
  • Fit approximately 960 new kitchens
  • Fit approximately 960 new bathrooms
  • Bring back another 100 boarded up properties back into use.
  • Build 64 new properties.