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Riverside Customer Voice


What is the Riverside Customer Voice?

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All customers of Riverside’s 50,000 properties are automatically members of the Riverside Customer voice.  This is the main route for Riverside to consult with customers who receive services from us. An Executive body of 18 people who represent the different parts of the Riverside Group. They are elected members who serve for three years. The Riverside Customer Voice Executive has a member plus an observer on Riverside’s Group board which means that customers have a voice at the highest decision making table in the organisation.


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The role of scrutiny is to take a detailed look into the service Riverside provides, drive improvements from customer perspective, and be a ‘critical friend’ to Riverside as part of Co-Regulation.

Findings and recommendations made by scrutiny will be put forward to the Riverside Customer Voice Executive who will constructively challenge Riverside with these findings for them to respond to.

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Think we could do better?

Happy with the service you receive from us?

Do you have an eye for detail?

We want to improve and your views matter

Our tenants, residents and customers are at the heart of what we do and that’s why we want you to tell us how we can do better. Join the Riverside Customer Voice.

By joining Riverside Customer Voice you will:

  • Improve your influencing and negotiation skills
  • Help us to understand our customers’ needs better
  • Improve your own understanding of Riverside as a landlord
  • Improve your analytic and gathering information skills
  • Improve your CV potential
  • Be part of a team and work to deliver key objectives

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Just fill the expression of interest form today and we will be in touch or speak to a member of Riverside Customer Voice. We are always looking for new members and we hold assessment days twice a year. 

What has Customer Voice been doing on your behalf?

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  • New Officer Group Elected unopposed:
    • Chair – Victor Andrews
    • Vice Chair – Margi Kelly
    • Treasurer – Jacky Vince
    • The Secretary – Vacant
  • Continue to be members of Tpas.
  • The Executive voted by a majority to formally adopt the new name of ‘Riverside Customer Voice’ previously the Tenant & Resident Federation (The FED).
  • Are currently considering the practical use and cost of the Chinwag minibus.
  • Sponsorship and involvement in the LGBT Conference in June.
  • New Constitution ratified and adopted and commended by Tpas as example of good practice.

Riverside Customer Voice role is to be a “critical friend” – independent but working in partnership with Riverside. It ensures that tenants’ views and concerns are properly heard and taken into account at all levels of the organisation.

When we implement new policies, reviewing old policies or considering major changes it should routinely consult with the Executive. The Executive’s role is to consider these changes through consultation with our customers and formulate a response from a tenant and resident perspective.

Members are expected to provide regular feedback to their local/regional customer forums. In this way it can ensure that it remains accountable and representative.

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