Annual Report for customers 2020

Here you can see how your rent helps us improve our services to you.

How we spend your rent


The average cost of managing our homes has increased slightly this year. Some of our repairs and maintenance costs have increased, including money spent on keeping your home safe. We have also increased the money we invest to improve our housing, spending £36 million in 2019-20, which will benefit both current and future customers.

We have set ourselves targets to drive down our costs by changing some of the ways we work, and improving how we buy services and supplies from other organisations. But we will only do this where it does not undermine service standards and quality. As a not-for-profit housing provider, the more we can save, the more we can plough back into new and improved homes and services.

Value for Money

It is important to us that you feel our housing and services provide you with good value for money. Nearly eight in ten customers think their rent provides value for money, but we recognise this has fallen. We believe this is mainly linked to concerns you have about the delivery of some of our services rather than our rent levels, which have fallen on average. We have set out our plans to improve a range of services throughout this report, and hope these changes will make you feel you are getting better value.

Average costs of managing your home

To help comparison, we have taken out service charges which are distorted by the high cost of providing important services in some of our Care and Support Schemes.

How every £1 of rent is spent

These figures exclude service charges, non-cash items and interest costs. *Includes costs linked to functions such as repairs and managing anti-social behaviour.