Annual Report for customers 2020

Find out how satisfied customers are with our service.

Our service to you


Over the past three years we have made major changes to how Riverside is organised and provides services. This has caused some disruption and it’s clear you are not yet fully feeling the benefits of the changes we have made. We are determined to fix this, and made a start in 2019 with our Customer Plan, which includes actions to improve your experience. This work is continuing and has top priority. It is a central part of our wider Riverside Plan for 2020-23.

Here are some examples of the way we have changed our services with your input:

  • Customers have helped us redesign our ‘My Riverside’ online portal, which is a new way of accessing services on your phone, tablet or computer. Over 12,000 customers are now using this service to report repairs and check and pay their rent. We will continue to add new services to My Riverside and make it work more effectively for you.
  • We’re making improvements to how our Customer Service Centre works, to ensure we are able to answer more of your calls first time. During some months last year we received an unexpectedly high number of phone calls, which meant that unfortunately we were not able to answer all of them in the time you would normally expect. We have also launched a new IT system to help our advisors see all the information they need when you call.
  • We’ve trialled some new technology which will allow you to show us live videos of problems in your home via your smartphone. That means when we visit you, it will be much easier to fix problems first time.

To help us compare how we are doing, we share information about our performance with a group of housing associations of a similar type and size. We compare ourselves to the worst, average and best performers and use the latest available performance information.