Annual Report for customers 2020

Read about our work with Riverside Customer Voice Executive.

Working with you


This year we’ve been working more closely with Riverside Customer Voice Executive (RCVE), and with our iCommunity group of customers who send us feedback through online surveys.

We have used feedback from RCVE and iCommunity to shape our plans and services. This includes: Our 2020-23 Riverside Plan, repairs and planned maintenance service, our My Riverside online portal and how we handle complaints.

Online Customer Conference

On 16 September 2020 RCVE hosted their first online customer conference. RCVE were joined by other customers and Board and staff members, including Riverside’s Chair Terrie Alafat and Chief Executive Carol Matthews. Together we discussed RCVE’s work, the ways customers can get involved and how your feedback has helped us to improve the services we provide. You can watch a playback of the recording here.

Earlier in the year RCVE also held a Facebook Live event in each Riverside region, which was open to all customers. Those of you who took part told us the events were a good way of finding out what’s going on in your area and for providing feedback. We are planning to carry out more of these events in the year ahead. We hope to see you there!

You can find out lots more information about how Riverside works with customers, and how to get involved, at our dedicated webpage

Riverside Customer Voice Executive: an update from Vic Andrews, Chair

All Riverside customers are automatically members of Riverside Customer Voice. The Executive is an elected body of up to 21 Riverside customers from different regions, whose role is to ensure that your views and concerns are properly heard and taken into account by Riverside.

Find out from Vic what the RCVE has been doing this year to improve services for customers. Read his blog, here.