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Working with a research partner BMG

Riverside use an external research partner to help contact customers and ask them questions about the service we deliver.  Every three years we review who we work with to ensure we get the best value for money. As a result we have now secured a new research partner – BMG, who work with a number of other large housing associations to deliver research on customer satisfaction.  BMG started to work with us in August 2018.

Who are BMG?

BMG is a professional, accredited research company who help us carry out confidential surveys with our customers by telephone, text or email about the services they receive from us. They follow the Market Research Code of Conduct ensuring all of the surveys are carried out by trained market researchers. 

What will BMG do?

BMG help us with:

  • Our customer satisfaction survey (known as STAR), focuses on key areas like customer service, repairs and complaints. BMG will contact our customers either by phone, email or text.  The findings are published monthly on our website and in the annual report to customers.
  • Surveying those who have moved into a newly-built property in the last year. Usually carried out in January, April, July and October.
  • Sending a SMS text survey to all customers who have had a responsive repair, unless no mobile number is provided or have been contacted in the last month, or you’ve asked not to be surveyed. Messages are charged at standard text rate or depending on the mobile plan.

We’ll use the feedback to improve our services, compare our results with other housing associations, and follow up on any issues, with the permission of our customers.

How will customers be contacted?

STAR survey

Until recently the STAR survey was conducted by telephone but from August every month a sample of our customers will be sent an email or SMS text inviting them to complete the survey online via a link to BMG’s website or receive a telephone call from BMG to complete the survey.

New Build survey

The New Build survey is conducted via a telephone survey.

Responsive Repairs

Customers who have had responsive repair completed recently, have provided a valid mobile phone number and have not opted out of taking part in surveys will be contacted.

How frequently will customers be contacted?

The majority of customers will not be contacted more than once within a six month period for the STAR survey.

Repairs SMS text survey will only be sent out every 14 days to a selection of customers.

Follow up calls from Riverside

If you have taken part in a survey and requested a follow up phone call from a Riverside or Irvine Housing member of staff we will contact you by phone. Only your comment will be passed back to the member of staff and not your responses to individual satisfaction questions will be anonymised.

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