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CIRCLE offers an innovative approach to waste management and recycling, created by a unique partnership between Seddon Group, Riverside Group and Plus Dane Housing Group.

Based in Liverpool and serving the North West, we sort and recycle construction waste for customers with clear outcomes to benefit them, local communities and the wider environment.

CIRCLE is not just for contractors working with Riverside, PLUS Housing Group and Seddon. Any contractor can use CIRCLE for the disposal of construction waste and welcomes enquires regarding different levels of quantities for recycling.

CIRCLE’s client base includes builders, contractors and housing associations. We welcome enquiries from all types of organisations of all shapes and sizes.

Circle trucks at the plant

What’s great about working with us:

  • We help customers meet their environmental objectives
  • Over 99.6% of our collected waste is recycled
  • High quality customer care
  • We provide jobs for local people
  • Reduce the landfill burden

Contact us to discuss your individual requirements: Tel: 0151 207 9030 Email. [email protected]

Our services

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We provide an alternative, cost effective and environmentally friendly solution to the disposal of construction waste, while creating new jobs. Circle Skips

Our services are streamed as follows: – Skip Hire – Recycling of mixed construction waste All of the construction waste delivered to our Liverpool recycling site in Blackstone Street is hand sorted into waste that can be: – re-cycled – re-sold – with only small amounts of residual waste to landfill Hand sorting enables upto 90% of waste to be recycled – up to 40% more than mechanical sorting.

Our customers save money as recycling with CIRCLE avoids the landfill tax which is currently levied at the standard rate – £64 per tonne from 1 April 2012 and increasing by £8 per tonne each year until at least 2014.

We can help save you this expense! Contact us for a quote or to find out more about the work we do and how we can help save you money and reduce the impact on the environmment of your operations.

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