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Riverside Impact Fund


Providing opportunities to test outcomes-based commissioning models

Riverside Impact FundAs one of the country’s leading providers of homelessness services, Riverside are committed to providing excellent, innovative services focusing on prevention and collaboration to ultimately improve people’s quality of life.

As part of this commitment, we have ring-fenced £1million of our own money to work with commissioners to fund services on an outcomes-based commissioning model, also known as ‘payments-by-results’. We will be both an investor and service provider with a commissioner paying only when agreed outcomes are achieved.

Commissioners therefore only pay for what works.

The Riverside Impact Fund can help commissioners:

Invest – in a simpler way to test an outcomes-based commissioning model, with a reduced financial risk for commissioners and no need for a special purpose vehicle

Innovate – with greater flexibility around service delivery and focus on meaningful outcomes, using models on an appropriate scale and timescale

Improve – outcomes for individuals by focusing on prevention and partnership working

Inform – future commissioning with evidence for what works

We are looking to partner with commissioners to develop services that can address local challenges. Examples include:

Any surplus we receive will be re-invested back into the Riverside Impact Fund to continue to fund future innovative services, positively impacting upon individuals and communities. 

For an informal chat about the Riverside Impact Fund or simply to find out more, please contact Ali Clintworth, Fund Manager, on [email protected].