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Care and Support

Tackling and preventing the rise in homelessness is a key objective within Riverside’s new corporate plan. Nationally, homelessness has more than doubled in the last five years and in some cities, such as Manchester, it has increased almost ten-fold over the same period.  Riverside Care and Support have a long history of working with people

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Customer Service

“I’m not a fan of the new pound coin, but then again, I hate all change.”  Voted by the public as the best one-liner at Edinburgh this year, Ken Cheng’s clever pun taps into our dislike of change. Attitudes to customer service are changing rapidly and, like that new pound coin, it is not something

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In a changing political world, what can we do?

It is six months since Group Board agreed our new Corporate Plan which will take us to 2020 and beyond – ‘We R Riverside’. We are delighted that it seems to have struck a chord, and many of you have told us that it reflects the discussions we had throughout last year, not least at

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Housing Market

The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) in its Single Departmental Plan 2015-2020 aimed to secure 400,000 affordable housing (including Starter Homes) starts by 2020-21, increase housing supply by improving the planning process, bring forward public sector land, and diversify house building by helping small builders. February’s Housing White Paper, Fixing our broken housing market identified

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Riverside should be rightly proud of its longstanding commitment to revitalising neighbourhoods. But ensuring our neighbourhoods stay healthy needs continuing investment. With precious little public money available to invest in regeneration, Riverside has committed to looking to create substantial investment into estates to ensure they have a healthy long term future. In doing so we

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