Etal Lane, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

Etal Lane web_l Riverside have been working alongside Newcastle City Council to deliver a wide range of modern homes to local people from 2 and 3 bedroom houses, to 2 bedroom bungalows. There is a significant number of units being made available for shared ownership sale to help provide greater options on the property market. There will be a wider site of 254 units that will be for market sale by Keepmoat Homes themselves.


Affordable rent 20 x 2bed/3person houses and 2 bed/3person bungalow

Shared Ownership 70 x 2bed/3person and 3bed/5person houses

Total Scheme Cost: £11 million 

Site Type: Brownfield

Key Funding Source: TRG

Local Authority Area: Newcastle City

Contractor: Keepmoat Homes

Employers Agent: Identity Consult

Completion Date: Spring 2018

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