Stephenson Park, Killingworth

Mullen Road & West Lane

Riverside have been working alongside Bellway to clear what was a former Army store to build a mixture of homes in Killingworth. The Section 106 scheme sees 127 units being built, 32 of which will be affordable homes for the local community.

Availability: Affordable rent 22 x 2bed/3person houses 2 x 3bed/5person houses

Shared Ownership 8 x 3bed/5person houses

Total Scheme Cost: £2.9 million 

Site Type: Brownfield 

Key Funding Source: Nil Grant, S106 

Local Authority Area: North Tyneside Council 

Contractor: Bellway Homes North East 

Employers Agent: Wilkinson Cowan Partnership

The first 22 units will complete by September 2016,  10 units by September 2017   

The rented units are part of a Choice Based Letting scheme – Tyne & Wear Homes

For more information on applying for a rented property call 0345 111 0000.

For more information on shared ownership units contact 0345 155 9029

Please visit our Case Studies page for more information.

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