Social Housing Green Paper: A new deal for social housing

The Government published its long-awaited Social Housing Green Paper on Tuesday 14 August 2018. It has been described as setting out a “vision which values and respects the voices of residents, with landlords treating them with decency and respect, backed up with clear consequences when they do not”. It states that the Grenfell Tower fire “brought the significance of social housing to the attention of the nation” and that the tragedy “must mark a turning point in how the country thinks and talks about social housing.” A consultation seeking views on the proposals for the future of social housing and consisting of 48 questions, has been launched alongside the Green Paper. We will be submitting a response by the 6 November deadline.

The Green Paper is underpinned by five key principles:

  1. A safe and decent home which is fundamental to a sense of security and our ability to get on in life
  2. Improving and speeding up how complaints are resolved
  3. Empowering residents and ensuring their voices are heard so that landlords are held to account
  4. Tackling stigma and celebrating thriving communities, challenging the stereotypes that exist about residents and their communities
  5. Building the social homes that we need and ensuring that those homes can act as a springboard to home ownership 

The following five minute briefing explores each of the five key principles in further detail.

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