Ending Homelessness Together

In 2017/18 Riverside supported over 11,000 people who were homeless or at risk of homelessness, subsequently supporting many into employment or a planned move on.

As the third largest provider of homelessness services in the country we believe that vulnerable people should have access to support services that will enable them to make meaningful changes to their lives.  By delivering services in a psychologically informed way and offering powerful messages of hope for an alternative, positive future, Riverside teams are able to build self-worth and motivation to change, alongside tools to maintain resilience and sustain healthier lifestyles.

We deliver Homelessness services in a number of models, according to the requirements of commissioners and local need of the people who will use the service.

Models we currently deliver across the country include:

  • Accommodation based services in hostel- type premises, with high levels of support via 24 hour staff.
  • Rough sleeper services including shelters and outreach.
  • Housing First accommodation-based services.
  • Accommodation based services in self-contained units, used as a move-on from more intensive support or as an earlier intervention to prevent the need for high support services. Staff may be on site during office hours, or visit at set times.
  • Gender specific accommodation services, with interventions tailored to the needs of women, often with multiple and complex needs, in recognition that many homeless women are at risk of abuse from their male counterparts.
  • Homeless family accommodation, as a temporary solution while households are having their applications investigated and are awaiting ‘decisions’ from Local Authority housing teams.
  • Accommodation based services for people with multiple and complex needs, who will have at least three of the following needs: housing/homelessness, mental ill-health, substance misuse, and offending histories.
  • Community based support for people in their own tenancies, aimed at preventing homelessness and/or sustaining tenancies after a period of homelessness.
  • Specialist supported housing and advice for Veterans.
  • Units within other accommodation based services which are suitable for couples.
  • Accommodation which accepts people with dogs.
  • Drop-in/advice services for people who are, or are at risk of homelessness.

We are always keen to discuss the needs of commissioners and work in partnership to address local issues in order to tackle and prevent homelessness.

If you would like an informal chat about partnering with Riverside, please email Simon Ketteridge, Director of Business Development, on [email protected]

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