Doncaster Homelessness Outreach Services


Wharf House, Wharf Road, Doncaster, DH1 2ST

What is Doncaster Homelessness Outreach Services?

Riverside’s Doncaster Homelessness Outreach Services offer support to rough sleepers in the town. Our team consists of specialist outreach workers who provide one-to-one support for rough sleepers. We aim to help you move away from rough sleeping and take the first steps towards finding a home.

Riverside provide support for homeless people in Doncaster

Outreach workers offer personalised, tailored practical and emotional support, assistance and advice, to those people sleeping on the streets. We’ll also be the first point of contact and find other local agencies for additional support to help you move away from the streets.

Our Service

  • We work directly with people sleeping rough between 6am and 1pm and 6pm and 1am.
  • If you know or see someone who is street homeless contact us and our rapid response team will assist you. Call 01302 558014 or email [email protected].
  • Daily drop in service from our supported housing service, Wharf House, offering tenancy related advice.
  • Active recruiting of volunteers with experience of homelessness to become Street Buddies. Our ‘experts by experience’ team help people away from the streets and into safe and secure accommodation.

No Second Night Out

Our service is part of the national No Second Night Out (NSNO) initiative. NSNO aims to ensure that anyone new to sleeping on the streets spends no longer than one night sleeping rough.

The principles of NSNO

  • Identify rough sleepers and help them immediately, so that new rough sleepers do not fall into a dangerous rough sleeping lifestyle.
  • Encourage a community response by helping members of the public to play an active role by reporting and referring people sleeping rough.
  • Access a place of safety where rough sleepers’ needs can be assessed quickly and safely.
  • Access to emergency accommodation and other services, such as healthcare, to help support the rough sleeper.
  • Reconnecting the rough sleeper to support, accommodation, family and friends, in this country or elsewhere, unless there is a good reason why they cannot return.

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 01302 558014