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Pike Close redevelopment FAQs


On this page you can find answers to questions residents of Pike Close have asked us.

What will my new home be like?

While we will try to meet specific requests – such as keeping neighbours together, which floor the new flat is on or how the flat is laid out – we cannot make firm promises to any household at this stage as plans may be adjusted to secure the planning permission needed for the redevelopment to go ahead.

Before we submit a planning application, we will offer tenants an opportunity to see the final plans.

Once planning permission has been secured, we will allocate homes, primarily on the basis of need as identified in our Housing Needs Survey (conducted between October 2017 and May 2018). We will clearly set out the criteria for allocating properties in our Allocations Policy.

Tenants will be able to choose fittings such as kitchen units, worktops, and flooring from a range chosen by the Residents’ Steering Group.

Each new Pike Close home will have its own private outdoor space and all blocks will be served by a lift which will require a key fob to access a given floor, as requested by tenants.

The new homes will be cheaper to keep warm and will have fibre-optic connections for tenants’ high-speed broadband.

We are working to ensure that each household can park their existing vehicles on the new estate based on the vehicle ownership numbers gathered during the Housing Needs Survey.

The new buildings will employ best practice in fire safety, with sprinklers in all blocks.

You can find further detail and artists’ impressions of the new flats, including balconies, fittings and security measures, in Riverside’s offer document.

Will my tenancy type, rent and service charges stay the same?

Tenants will be provided with a new home on the same tenancy type and with the same security as their current Riverside home.

Rents will be kept at the existing rent levels for all tenants whose number of bedrooms remain the same. If you move into a smaller or larger home, you will be charged the average rent for that sized home.

Any future tenancies created will be charged London Affordable Rents that are set by the GLA.We will continue to consider service charges throughout the design process with a view to keeping them at a minimum. Riverside will agree the improved services with tenants to ensure they are getting value for money and that charges remain affordable.

Will I be compensated for having to move home?

Riverside will make a Home Loss payment to all Pike Close tenants at the time they move into their new home. We will also pay a Disturbance Allowance, which includes moving costs.

We have planned redevelopment work so that our tenants only have to move once. New homes will be ready for tenants to move into before the old homes are demolished.

However, tenants also have the option to be temporarily re-housed off the estate while works are underway, subject to the availability of suitable accommodation.

You can find details of compensation and tenants’ ‘Right to Return’ in our Residents’ Charter here. Tenants choosing to move out of Pike Close permanently – not taking up the offer of a newly-built Pike Close home – will also be offered this compensation when they leave the estate.

Please talk to the ITA via the Source Partnership website if you want to explore these options.

When will the building work take place? When will I have to move?

Now that Pike Close tenants have voted for the redevelopment to go ahead, Riverside will consult with people living in the area around Pike Close to address any concerns they might have.

We have encountered some delays to our original programme but with our partners Countryside and architects HTA, we are now aiming to apply for planning permission from the London Borough of Bromley before the end of 2020.

We expect building work to start at the beginning of 2022 and to take around  seven years to complete.

In the meantime, Riverside will keep tenants involved and informed through these web pages, our Pike Close newsletter, our Pike Close Consultation Group on Facebook and consultation events. We will write to tenants directly to inform them of key milestones or any action they need to take.

Tenants will continue to have access to independent advice from Source Partnership throughout the process.

They will also continue to be represented by the Residents’ Steering Group.

Tenants will continue to have access to independent advice from Source Partnership throughout the process.

They will also continue to be represented by the Residents’ Steering Group.

Will properties continue to be repaired and maintained even though the site is being redeveloped?

Essential repairs and maintenance work will continue to be carried out on all existing homes while the redevelopment of Pike Close is underway.

You can report a repair by phone on 0345 111 0000 or via My Riverside.

What is the Residents’ Steering Group?

The Residents’ Steering Group represents Pike Close tenants throughout the redevelopment process.

The Steering Group is made up of volunteers living on Pike Close.

The Residents’ Steering Group meet every month with Source Partnership, Riverside and other partners in the redevelopment of Pike Close and are actively involved in decision making.

All Riverside tenants living on Pike Close are welcome to join the Steering Group at any time. Simply speak to the ITA via the Source Partnership website if you are interested in getting involved.

What is the ITA? Who are Source Partnership?

The Independent Tenants’ Advisor (ITA) for tenants of Pike Close is Source Partnership.

Source Partnership were selected by the Residents’ Steering Group as the best organisation to provide independent support during the redevelopment process.

Source Partnership’s role is to ensure that Pike Close tenants have a say in the redevelopment proposals for the estate. They provide impartial advice and support to ensure that tenants know their rights and their options.

You can find out more or contact your ITA via the Source Partnership website.

Who are Countryside?

Countryside is a leading UK developer specialising in building communities, not just houses. With 60 years’ experience, Countryside has a reputation for high quality design and build, sound governance and good management practices. It has over 35 years’ experience on regeneration schemes in London, the South East, the North of England and the Midlands, partnering with local authorities and housing associations.

Countryside was selected as our preferred developer partner in early 2018 following a detailed and robust tender process. It is committed to working with residents to understand their needs and wants for their future community and was first introduced to tenants in June 2018. Countryside has attended a number of consultation events, Resident Steering Group meetings and site visits to work with tenants through the design consultation process and this relationship will continue throughout the planning and construction stages.

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