Employment & training

Job clubs can help you with local employment support when you need it. Get advice, tips on CVs and interviews and meet new people.

Community job clubs and digital hubs


How can I find a job club?

Our friendly and supportive Employment and Training team run job clubs across the country to help you search for a job.

We work with local businesses to offer work experience and mentoring opportunities for those who attend the job clubs – you might end up with work experience to add to your CV or meet an employer who likes how you work and offers you a position.

There are also a number of Digital Hubs, which allow people to learn skills online, such as internet shopping, getting a doctor’s appointment or finding jobs adverts.

We will be providing information about your local job club and their opening times on this page very soon.

Community Work Club

If you’re unemployed, a job club gives you the chance to meet new people, exchange skills, share your experiences and find new opportunities.

You’ll learn about writing a CV as well as application and interview techniques which will help you secure the job you really want. The good news is, it’s absolutely free to attend and anybody looking for work is welcome.