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Information about Property MOTs, our new approach to maintenance, which take place in some areas.

Introducing Riverside Property MOTs


We’re changing our repairs service in line with government advice on Coronavirus. Please see our Coronavirus update page for the latest information.

What is a property MOT?

A property MOT is a home health check, to fix and update anything from a leaky tap to a damaged roof – and even prevent problems before they happen!

We will visit your home to check everything over and arrange any work with you. This will help to keep your home safe and repair free, and make life easier for you.

The benefits

  • All repairs done in one go (sometimes we’ll need to come back another time to complete a repair, but we’ll arrange this with you)
  • It’s free!
  • Your home will be safe and repair free for longer
  • Helps us understand when you might need bigger improvement work doing, like a new kitchen or bathroom

What’s the process?

  • We check your home from top to bottom, inside and out for any issues
  • We send a report to our contractor, and to you to confirm anything we have found that needs repairing or updating
  • Our contractor does the work, by appointment with you
  • We visit you after the work is done to make sure you’re happy with everything

How do I get one?

We carry out Property MOTs on all of our properties every few years. You’ll get a letter from us telling you that you’re due for a Property MOT and that we’ll contact you soon to make arrangements.

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