Our repair services

Our house, your home


We’re changing our repairs service in line with government advice on Coronavirus. Please see our Coronavirus update page for the latest information.

One of Riverside’s key responsibilities to its customers is to deliver a high-quality, prompt and efficient repairs service, ensuring your home is always well looked after and safe. We believe that’s what you should expect from us.

Of course, as a Riverside tenant, sometimes you might be expected to pay for things you are responsible for and to do small jobs.

Your tenancy agreement states what small maintenance and repairs you should be able to carry out to keep your home in good working order.

These are the examples of jobs we might expect you to carry out or to pay for:

Damage caused by you or someone in your household, or wear and tear, including:

— blocked bath, sink, shower or toilet; broken toilet seat

— mould caused by condensation

— light bulbs, fluorescent tubes and starter motors.

Anything you paid for or fitted yourself, including: 

— fitting, plumbing or repairing your own appliances*

— TV aerial or satellite dish.

*For your safety, these must be approved by Riverside before fitting, fitted to Gas Safe or NICEIC regulations – and don’t forget to provide certification to us.

Décor and fixtures like:

— locks, catches, safety devices

— handles and latches on inside doors and cupboards; shelves and flooring

— painting and decorating (including papering, woodwork and coving)

— minor cracks in walls or ceilings (generally smaller than the width of a £1 coin).

Replacements, including:

— bath panel, curtain pole, rail or track, shower curtain

— lost keys or fobs, doorbell, dustbin, smoke alarm (battery powered) and testing

— door changes to accommodate carpets (including re-fixing draught excluders), draught proofing.

Minor plumbing and electrical fixes like: 

— bleeding radiators and re-lighting a pilot light

— fuse box – resetting a trip switch.

Outdoor or specialist work, including:

— vermin – individual property infestation of insects or rodents

— trees or hedges in your garden

— washing lines or rotary dryers.

If you are liable for the cost of a repair and we have to carry it out then you will be charged for it. If you are responsible for causing damage, we may also ask you to pay to fix it.

We ensure that all of our homes have building insurance to protect them from major issues but it is up to you to pay for your own home contents insurance and to insure your own personal belongings.

If you are not sure if you are responsible for a repair please contact us.