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Step 1:

First name and Last Name – Just enter your name – if you have a joint tenancy (where there are two people listed on the Tenancy Agreement), you can each register separately.

Email address – the system will check to see if we have an email address for you in our records. If we don’t, you need to get in touch to provide us with one first, then we’ll let you know when it’s in our records and you can register.

Remember: The system checks if we have an email for you as an individual. So if you have a joint email address with another tenant, it’s possible the address is in their details, not yours.

Date of birth – Remember, we match everything on this form against the information we have for you in our records.

If you’ve been through this guide and think everything should be correct, please get in touch to check we don’t have the wrong date of birth or other information for you in our records.

Your reference number – It’s 13 digits long and can be found on letters from us. This is different to your 19 digit Easypay reference number (if you have one), shown on your Easypay payment card or used for direct debits and other payments.

Tick the box to accept our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

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Step 2:

Create your password.

It needs to be 8 characters long (which can include spaces), and a mixture of letters and numbers.

This is to make sure your account is secure.

Step 3:

You’re almost there!

When you submit your password, we’ll send you a link to activate your account.

This link will expire after 24 hours, so be sure to check your junk/spam folder if it doesn’t come through soon.

If the link does expire, you’ll need to register again from the start.

Step 4:

You’ve created your account. Once you’re logged in, before you view certain personal information, we’ll ask you to answer a security question.

So you need to choose and answer three security questions. When we need to, we’ll ask you one of these at random. It’s part of how we keep the service and your information secure.

The answers should be at least 4 characters long, including spaces. Use the Reveal Answers button to check your answers before you submit them.

Click submit, and you’re done! You’ll be taken to the homepage where you can start using online services.

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