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You can make a difference to our service and make a difference for the better in your homes. Find out how you can get involved.

Are you interested in having a say about the services you receive from Riverside?

If the answer is yes there a number of ways of doing this in your local area and across the country. 



Customer Panel

You can have your say when Riverside is asking customers what they think simply by joining our Customer Panel. This is an online only panel. Find out more about how to join.

Forums and Group

If you would like get involved in discussions with other customers then you may want to join your local forum or consider standing for Riverside Customer Voice. You can find out more about the work of the Federation and how you can get involved in its activities.


Do you like problem solving? Why not check out your local scrutiny group. They investigate Riverside’s performance in all its services, such as anti-social behaviour or repairs, and make suggestions how these can be improved for tenants. You can do this either in your region of the organisation or by being part of the Federation Scrutiny Panel. You can get the low down on scrutiny and find out who to contact.

Customer Inspectors

If you prefer investigating things then being a Customer Inspector could be the role for you! Our inspectors carry out up to two or three inspections per year. They go out to properties or schemes and check that services have been carried out to the quality you would expect. If you would like to join a tenant inspector group then register your interest.

Local Activities

Across the country in Riverside’s neighbourhoods there are activities going on that you can join in with. There are community customer meetings, customer feedback sessions and local scrutiny exercises and much more. If you want to get involved but want to start at your local level let us know here.

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