Housing Support Service – Greater Manchester, Cheshire East/West


How we help at our Housing Support Service

Helping ex-offenders (currently being supervised by Probation services) find and keep a place to live when they leave prison, serving the areas of Greater Manchester, Cheshire East and Cheshire West.

Leaving prison can be the first positive step to making a new life.  To help ensure that people get off on the right track, finding a place to stay is essential and our Housing Support Service does exactly that. 

We also work with people who are subject to community orders and have an identified housing need.

Help for former offenders in the North West

You’ll find:

  • Support and advice to customers in order to prevent eviction
  • Assistance through things like a Tenancy Training Course to help people maintain their accommodation
  • Access to accommodation through the provision of Rent Deposit or via Bond Schemes
  • Volunteer ‘mentoring’ programme as part of supporting each person to successfully reintegrate back into the community

How it works

The service is a partnership with Cheshire and Greater Manchester Community Rehabilitation Company.

All referrals should go via [email protected].

Getting the most out of our service

Riverside’s extensive supported housing network across the area means that if any customer starts to struggle significantly, we are able to look at offering them temporary and intensive support within one of our specialist supported housing centres.

Why we are different

It makes sense for the whole community, as well as for each ex-offender themselves, to take a positive step when they come out of prison.  Our Housing Support Service team help each person achieve this.

T: 0345 155 9037 available from 9am-5pm.