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Our charity Riverside Foundation Logoexists to provide practical support to help people overcome obstacles for a better quality of life.  Closely linked to Riverside, one of the largest social landlords in the country, and operating in the communities where they own properties, we support a diverse range of projects aimed at promoting community action and cohesion, and breaking the cycle of poverty in our neighbourhoods.

The key areas we focus on are:

Employment & training – supporting people of all ages and backgrounds into education, employment and training.

Poverty relief – helping disenfranchised, isolated and challenged people to become stable, constructive and financially sustainable members of their community.

Health & wellbeing – supporting individuals and communities to take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing through a variety of engagement activities.

Supporting vulnerable people – supporting those who are vulnerable or who suffer barriers caused by age, disability, illness or circumstance.

Neighbourhood & Environment – providing facilities, projects and community spaces to bring communities together and deliver engaging activities for everyone.

What we do

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Riverside Foundation

Our current projects include:

Our Employment & Training advice and guidance project operates in key deprived communities around the UK, and offers a holistic, one to one information, advice and guidance service to those aged 16 or over who are currently unemployed or otherwise out of work.  Our Project Officers develop a step-by-step plan of action with clients to help them back into work, motivating individuals in a trustworthy, supportive environment.

The Home Improvement Agency provides a vital service to elderly and vulnerable homeowners across the North West, allowing them to continue to live with dignity in their own home.  The service offers low cost handyperson services to carry out a broad range of jobs, e.g. repairing a leaking tap, fitting a grab rail, putting up a smoke detector, and fitting locks and bolts.  Handyperson services are able to reach the most vulnerable in our communities who would normally be reluctant to accept more intensive help. By getting ‘a foot in the door’, they act as a referral point for range of other services aimed at promoting independence.

Our Helping Hands fund provides immediate and tangible support to those at risk of homelessness, poverty and social isolation.  We offer a lifeline to people at the margins of society at a point of crisis, when they need immediate poverty relief, including access to essential household items, help with household bills and ongoing support in accessing employment, accommodation and leading a sustainable life.

Gate Buddies aims to stop the cycle of offending, prison and homelessness by supporting offenders and their families. The ‘through the gate’, volunteer led service starts towards the end of the prison sentence and continues after release, supporting clients and their families through the journey from leaving prison to resettling in the community by using their own skills and lived experience.

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Who we are

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Riverside Foundation
The Riverside Foundation was known as the Riverside Housing Association Charitable Trust until November 2013, when legal changes to the Trust’s governing document were approved by the Charity Commission.

The charitable trust was originally established in 1983 by Riverside (formerly Merseyside Improved Houses) to promote charitable activities and provide benefit in areas where the housing association operated, in and around Merseyside.

The annual income from the trust’s investments enabled it to contribute grants to projects such as the Care and Repair Special Fund – designed to provide small grants for minor property adaptations for older, vulnerable, low income homeowners in Merseyside. In 2012, work began to update and modernise the charitable trust to enable it to provide benefit across the same areas as where the Riverside Group operates, and become a pro-actively managed fundraising body, raising funds from external grant-giving charitable trusts, corporate bodies and other donors.

The current Trustees of the Riverside Foundation are: Susan Jee (Chair), Philip Raw, Philip Han, Paul Forster-Jones and Jo Kennefick.

Riverside Foundation in numbers – 2014/15

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2,339 people received support from the Foundation’s projects

188 people received grants through our two hardship funds (Helping Hands supports people with furniture, white good, fuel top-ups etc; the HIA Special Fund provides grants to elderly, vulnerable and disabled homeowners)

25 ex-offenders supported by Gate Buddy peer mentors in Greater Manchester.

159 people got a job thanks to the holistic support offered by our employment and training advice and guidance team. 

1,261 elderly, vulnerable or disabled homeowners benefitted from simple handyperson jobs to make their lives at home a little bit easier.

162 young people in Dovecot, Liverpool, engaged in diversionary activities over the Halloween/Bonfire Night/Mischief Night period, resulting in less antisocial behaviour and more fun!

14 younger households benefitted from holistic support tackling multiple issues including mental health problems, lack of work, money problems and domestic violence. 

£287,000 invested by the Riverside Foundation in 2014-15

£123 spent per person supported by Riverside Foundation projects

£2.2 million committed to 8 projects between 2014 and 2017

Riverside Foundation: Registered charity number 513727

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