We want to make it as easy as possible for you to pay your rent and service charges so it's one less thing to deal with. View your rent statement and pay online with My Riverside to help keep on top of your payments.

Pay your rent

Whether it’s paying your rent and service charges or rent arrears, we want to make the process simple and easy which is why we have lots of ways for you to pay.
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Why you need to pay

Your rent is legally considered to be a priority bill and should be paid before other bills such as gas, electric and water changes. Not paying your rent on time can not only affect your credit rating, but you may lose your home if you fall behind.
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Struggling with payments? Let's Talk Rent

We know that things are very uncertain right now but if you have had a change in circumstances and are worried about paying your rent, we’re here to help.
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Rent statement

View your rent statement, breakdown of charges and pay online with My Riverside. It's quick and easy and keeps you in control of your money.
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Service charges

Find out what service charges are, if they apply to you and get answers to other frequently asked questions.
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Rent review

Find out how we review and set the rent for your home.
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