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We proactively publish as much information as we can – everything from financial statements to customer service performance measures and an annual report.

We do so both to comply with legal and regulatory obligations but also to provide as much information as possible for our customers and other key stakeholders to help you understand Riverside, our strengths and weaknesses and what you can expect from us at any given time.

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Let’s Talk Performance…

We are currently working with customers to review our Customer Offer and associated Service Standards, and to find out what performance information they would like to see on a regular basis. In the interim, we are providing these key performance indicators, on a quarterly basis, alongside some information about what we are doing to drive improvements.

The figures below are taken from October 2023 and the arrows show how we’re doing compared with the previous quarter.


Overall satisfaction

We saw a dip in overall satisfaction across all regions with the main drivers relating to well maintained home and safe home. We are reviewing the feedback from customers to determine what additional actions we need to incorporate into our improvement plans.



Net easy score (NES)

Our Net Easy Score, which measures how easy customers find it to deal with us, has continued to improve this quarter. We have now seen sustained improvement for three successive quarters. This is likely, in the main, to be reflective of the significant reduction we’ve made in call waiting times throughout the year.


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Call waiting times

In spite of storms Elin, Fergus and Gerrit and thanks to successful planning and continued focus, we were able to achieve the lowest customer call abandonment since September 2018 and improve our Average Call Wait Time. This helped to ensure more customers were able to get through to us when they need us most.



Satisfaction with listening to views and acting on them

Improvements appear to be influenced by the launch of the new communal repair reporting through the Customer App and changes to contractors delivering communal services. We have now launched our new listening page which will hold all evidence of customer feedback and how it has influenced service improvements.



Satisfaction with complaints handling

Within our Care & Support services, we have relaunched a complaints learning forum and have seen a significant increase in performance. For other customers, our dedicated central complaints team continues to contribute to an improved performance in complaint handling satisfaction. We also seek to learn from customer feedback and review this through our Lesson Learned forum to try to avoid similar issues happening again.



Satisfaction with latest

It’s encouraging to see customers are happier with the level of service being delivered and they tell us they are treated fairly and with respect. Regular training and briefing across delivery teams promote our approach to customer service and why it’s so important to get this right.



Percentage of repairs fixed first time

We know how important it is to fix repairs on our first visit so we’re  continuing to focus on this by reviewing the core skills of our repair teams and investing in training where this is needed.  We’ve also upgraded our stock to ensure we have the right parts for the expected repairs.



Percentage of appointments

It’s disappointing the number of appointments kept has gone down. We know the repairs service has been affected by the higher than usual number of inspections requested and seasonal repairs. We are investigating the number of repair completions and appointments kept, year-on-year, to understand where we are failing and what we can change to improve this.



Percentage of repairs completed within target timescales

The autumn and winter months are where we see the highest number of repairs. In the autumn we experienced higher than expected numbers of reports for damp and mould inspections and repairs. Where demand was highest we provided additional delivery hours. We have also taken further action to increase the number of people in our specialist ‘damp and mould’ team so we can meet inspection and repair timescales.


Satisfaction homes are well maintained

It’s encouraging to see higher levels of satisfaction for customers in Riverside Home Ownership however we recognise this is not the same experience for everyone. Some customers tell us their windows and doors have degraded seals and are contributing to condensation issues. We are reviewing our investment plans and where there are recurring problems across a number of properties we are investigating further to improve ventilation and insulation.



Percentage of lettable homes currently occupied

We have seen a very slight decrease in the percentage of our lettable homes which are currently occupied.  We do understand that some customers may prefer to wait until after Christmas to move home but are focussing on those areas where we currently have higher numbers of empty homes, and tracking progress with essential repairs as we aim to complete these jobs as efficiently as possible whilst maintaining standards.