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We proactively publish as much information as we can – everything from financial statements to customer service performance measures and an annual report.

We do so both to comply with legal and regulatory obligations but also to provide as much information as possible for our customers and other key stakeholders to help you understand Riverside, our strengths and weaknesses and what you can expect from us at any given time.

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Let’s Talk Performance…

We are currently working with customers to review our Customer Offer and associated Service Standards, and to find out what performance information they would like to see on a regular basis. In the interim, we are providing these key performance indicators, on a quarterly basis, alongside some information about what we are doing to drive improvements.

The figures below are taken from April 2024 and the arrows show how we’re doing compared with the previous quarter.



Overall satisfaction

Overall satisfation has improved in the last quarter. We believe the main drivers are improved handling of anti-social behaviour, which followed the delivery of a service improvement plan developed by our customer scrutiny group, the increased ease of getting queries resolved thanks to reductions in call waiting times and improved complaint handling following the implementation of a central complaints team.



Net easy score (NES)

Our Net Easy Score has improved for the fourth consecutive period. Maintaining consistently low call waiting times and low call abandonment rates over more than a year are likely a primary factor in this. Another improvement which may have played a role is our upgrade to My Riverside which added more than 10 new services including the ability to log repairs in communal spaces (something customers have been asking for for some time).


1 mins 41 secs

Call waiting times

Despite an increase in our Average Call Wait Time by just six seconds from the previous period. performance continues to be maintained at a good level as it has been for most of the last year. We had expected a high volume of calls in March so we adjusted shifts and used overtime to help cover at key periods. This, along with welcoming 16 new starters from the middle of the month helped us maintain a good level of service with wait times averegaing just above 1 and 1/2 minutes.


Satisfaction with listening to views and acting on them

We are publishing more information than ever about how we’re listening to views, however, the score has worsened slightly. To demonstrate that we are listening and acting on what customers are telling us we’ve set up new Customer Voice Groups in each region. We are also publishing monthly updates on our listening page.


Satisfaction with complaints handling

We have seen a drop in complaints performance for this period.. To address that our new central complaints team are now getting more established. We hope that, in time, they will have a major impact on performance. We are also continuing to run a complaints learning forum for Care and Support services to help us learn from mistakes.



Satisfaction with latest

There has been a slight decrease in satisfaction, with the comments being centered around communication. We are currently working to bring in a new system which we hope will help to address that. It has been encouraging to see that of the 84.5% of satisfied customers, there are a large proportion of comments that are praising the teams for the level of service and friendly and polite manner.



Percentage of repairs fixed first time

There has been a decline in performance, and we are continuing to work to ensure we have the right materials to complete works. There is also work ongoing looking at how we can improve repair diagnosis before the first visit to ensure the right team and materials are sent to complete the repair.



Percentage of appointments

It’s disappointing the number of appointments kept has gone down. We know the repairs service has been affected by the higher than usual number of reports of problems. We have been looking at the past 12 months data to understand how we can change how we work and improve on this. These changes have now been implemented and are being trialled in our damp and mould team.



Percentage of repairs completed within target timescales

We have seen a further decline in performance. This is mainly because of higher volumes of repairs being reported. In response, we have been looking at the past 12 months data to understand how we can change how we work and improve on this. These changes have now been implemented and are being trialled in our damp and mould team. We have seen a significantly higher number of repairs completed this month so we are addressing the backlog and reacting to the demand.


Satisfaction homes are well maintained

Performance has decreased and we are studying our data and customer feedback to try to understand what has caused that. We have a planned programme of stock condition surveys getting underway soon which help us to prioritise the homes that need improvements.



Percentage of lettable homes currently occupied

We have returned to the usual levels of occupation we would expect further to the seasonal impact of customers preferring to wait until after Christmas to move. We have now developed our Empty Homes Improvement Plan for 2024/25, with a continued focus on making homes available for customers to move into quickly.