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We proactively publish as much information as we can – everything from financial statements to customer service performance measures and an annual report.

We do so both to comply with legal and regulatory obligations but also to provide as much information as possible for our customers and other key stakeholders to help you understand Riverside, our strengths and weaknesses and what you can expect from us at any given time.

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Let’s Talk Performance…

We are currently working with customers to review our Customer Offer and associated Service Standards, and to find out what performance information they would like to see on a regular basis. In the interim, we are providing these key performance indicators, on a quarterly basis, alongside some information about what we are doing to drive improvements.

The figures below are taken from October 2023 and the arrows show how we’re doing compared with the previous quarter.



Overall satisfaction

We’ve seen major improvements in our Net Easy Score, complaints handling performance and satisfaction with listening to views and acting on them as well as some improvements to aspects of our repairs services. These may all have been contributing factors. Doing more proactive work in our communities is making a difference.



Net easy score (NES)

Our Net Easy score, which measures how easy customers find it to deal with us, has improved significantly this quarter and is now almost neutral. While this is still not at the level we want, we’re encouraged by the improvement. This is likely reflective of the increases we’re seeing in repairs service satisfaction and the significant reduction in call waiting times.


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Call waiting times

Through a range of hard work by our teams in the Customer Service Centre and elsewhere, we’re continuing to see a fall in call waiting times. This is undoubtedly making a difference to overall customer satisfaction, and we hope our pre-winter plan will help us to maintain good levels of waiting times during the busier winter months.



Satisfaction homes are well maintained

We’ve seen further improvement in how customers feel about the maintenance of their homes with positive comments on the quality of work by our tradespeople. To try to continue this improvement we are exploring new ways to tailor services to meet the needs of customers, including the delivery of shared services such as grounds maintenance, window cleaning and door entry systems.



Percentage of lettable homes currently occupied

We are pleased with the great progress that we’ve made with our Empty Homes Improvement Plan but now want to build on this success.  We are taking part in an Empty Homes programme, working with other housing associations to share best practice.  We’ll use the learning from this to develop our plan as we work towards continuing to reduce the time that new customers wait for their new home.



Satisfaction with complaints handling

We have seen an improvement in this measure which, in part, is linked to the setup of our new central complaints team.  This new team is made of specialist complaint handlers who will ensure greater consistency in how we deal with complaints across all services. In our Care and Support team we have also implemented a new approach to how we learn lessons from complaints.



Satisfaction with listening to views and acting on them

Through having more colleagues out and about in our communities undertaking activities such as community clean-up days and estate walkabouts with customers we’ve seen a significant improvement in this area. This has enabled us to develop local improvement plans with the aim of ensuring we are focused on the things that matter most to our customers.



Percentage of repairs fixed first time

This improvement is particularly encouraging as it comes against a backdrop of increasing demand for repairs over the period.  In August, we implemented a new repairs service in the South and Central region and initial feedback from customers has been good and this is likely a major contributory factor.



Satisfaction with latest

We’ve seen a small decline in satisfaction with repairs. Customers tell us they are happy with gas appliance repairs, but some have incomplete repairs or issues with appointments. During September we started to ask for feedback at the end of the repair process when all associated repair works were complete, enabling customers to tell us about the whole repair experience which we hope will help us to improve.



Percentage of appointments

We have seen a small drop in this measure. To combat the issue, we are focussing on how we keep customers informed about their repairs and attend appointments when we say we will, as well as making sure our new repairs service in the South and Central region is implemented effectively.



Percentage of repairs completed within target timescales

We’ve seen a small drop in the number of repairs completed in time. This year we’ve seen a significantly higher number of repairs being reported and we are constantly monitoring this against our resources. We are recruiting new tradespeople to ensure we have capacity to draw on and bring repairs back within the target timescales.