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We proactively publish as much information as we can – everything from financial statements to customer service performance measures and an annual report.

We do so both to comply with legal and regulatory obligations but also to provide as much information as possible for our customers and other key stakeholders to help you understand Riverside, our strengths and weaknesses and what you can expect from us at any given time.

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Let’s Talk Performance…

We are currently working with customers to review our Customer Offer and associated Service Standards, and to find out what performance information they would like to see on a regular basis. In the interim, we are providing these key performance indicators, on a quarterly basis, alongside some information about what we are doing to drive improvements.

The figures below are taken from June 2022 and the arrows show how we’re doing compared with the previous quarter.


Overall satisfaction
Ensuring our customers are satisfied with our services and homes is the heart of what we do. Our Customer Satisfaction Improvement Plan includes projects on improving telephony, repairs and maintenance, complaint handling, service charges and customer involvement & engagement. Customers have been involved in developing this Plan via Riverside Customer Voice Executive and Care & Support Committee.


Net easy score (NES)
NES measures how easy customers find it to contact us on a scale of 1 to 7 (1 being extremely easy and 7 being extremely difficult). A negative score reflects difficulty in dealing with us and a positive score shows we’re easy to deal with. To help us improve, we’ve been recruiting more advisors to help answer calls, and once they have completed their training, they’ll be available to help customers.  We’ve also added a new chatbot facility, Aimee, on to our website Live Chat function to help answer simple queries, freeing up advisors to focus on complex queries.


8.5 mins
Call waiting times
Following a number of improvement actions, our average time to answer has almost halved over the last few months and we are focused on reducing this further as quickly as we can. We’ve been recruiting more advisors to help us to do that and once they have completed their extensive training, they’ll be available to help customers.  We’re sorry that you have to wait to speak to us on some occasions.


Satisfaction with quality of homes
We know how much your home matters to you and are actively addressing current challenges impacting on repairs and other works relating to staff recruitment and supply of materials. We’re taking extra steps to recruit staff with specific trades and bringing in additional sub-contractors to build up extra capacity. We’re also working to widen our supply chain to help with materials so we can keep improving.


Satisfaction with latest repair

Despite a range of significant challenges such as the supply of multi-skilled trades operatives and planners and materials, we have managed to increase satisfaction with latest repair. This is encouraging and we hope this trend continues. We’ve also rolled out new calling cards to better explain to customers what we have done whilst carrying out the repair which have been positively received.


Percentage of appointments kept

We know there is nothing more frustrating than someone not making an appointment, particularly if you take time off work or are away from another aspect of your life. We’ve worked with customers to understand more about the way they feel about our repairs processes. We’ve also looked into the reasons behind missed and cancelled appointments to understand and address issues.



Percentage of repairs fixed first time

As with the percentage of appointments kept, we know customers want a right-first-time approach. We have worked with customers to understand how they feel about repairs and what we can do differently. We are also working closely with our contractors to understand why works can’t be completed first time and are working to address labour and materials challenges.



Percentage of repairs completed within target timescales

We are working hard to meet our given timescales but are currently facing challenges relating to recruitment and materials supply, like many other housing associations. We ae taking extra steps to recruit people with specific trades and bringing in additional sub-contractors to build up extra capacity. We are also working to widen our supply chain to help with materials.


Percentage of lettable homes currently occupied

The number of empty homes is decreasing, however, we want to make as many available as we can. We are exploring options to ensure repairs on empty homes are completed quickly. We’ve also worked with a group of customers to create an improvement plan which includes ensuring applicants are better informed throughout their application process and about when their new home will be ready.



Satisfaction with complaints handling

We’ve put in place an improvement plan to address our low satisfaction level in dealing with complaints which includes reviewing how we communicate, areas where we get large numbers of complaints, and looking at examples of where we have made mistakes. We’re working to meet the Housing Ombudsman’s Complaints Handling Code and involving customers in this via the Riverside Customer Voice Executive.



Satisfaction with listening to views and acting on them

We’re undertaking customer engagement activities across the country to gather feedback to inform the development of a new strategy. In the Care and Support area of our business, we’ve introduced a co-production procedure outlining our commitment to designing services in partnership with customers. A co-production officer role was introduced along with a training plan which has been delivered to 165 Care and Support colleagues so far.

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