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Do you want to know what it’s like to work at Riverside? Well why not have a look at what Our People have to say?

“This wouldn’t have been a role I could step straight into without an apprenticeship route, there is so much knowledge, regulations, compliance, and general professional skills that I have learned along the way. I can’t wait to expand all of this in my career at Riverside.”

Joshua Pike
Health, Safety and Environment Apprentice

“The level 4 Housing Management apprenticeship has been a great way for me to gain a professional qualification and apply the learning directly to my role within Riverside. Making a return to formal learning was made easier to balance with off the job hours and Riverside’s flexible working arrangements. The course has motivated me sufficiently to have now applied for the CIH level 5.”

Rachel Valerio
Housing Services Manager

“The knowledge I’ve gained over the past few years is endless to list. I’ve gone from knowing nothing at all to being able to confidently install and test electrical installation, to a high standard of workmanship.”

“I think the biggest benefit for me is that it has helped me with my confidence and knowledge of the role. It has made me think outside the box and has helped me when putting what I have learnt into practice. ”

Rizwana Kauser
Relief Worker

“…that opportunity literally changed my life. I secured my place on the Mental Health Nursing course partly based upon my professional experience and everything I have learnt along the way since starting as a GROW Trainee. I am a positive role model to my three children and to all individuals living in supported accommodation.”

“This job helped me completely rebuild my self-confidence and self-worth. I’ve got a much higher opinion of myself now. Working and having the sense of responsibility going to work every day and helping people, especially mental health, is great. But helping yourself, that’s the big one really and learning to like yourself again while doing something worthwhile.”

Chris Fury
GROW graduate and Project Worker

Luke Watson – GROW

“I work at Baycroft Great Baddow delivering excellent care alongside my colleagues! I was given the opportunity to study through two apprenticeships and I feel that my coach has helped me in this journey more than anyone could have done! The support I received through this apprenticeship will be very much appreciated and it shows in the gratitude that the residents and families are showing to us!”

Adelina Bucalaete
Senior Care Assistant at One Housing

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