Working at Riverside – case studies

Contracts Manager, Asset Services.

Mahomed Hashim


Name: Mahomed Hashim
Role: Contracts Manager, Asset Services
Based: Leicester
Time at Riverside: 15 years

Mahomed is part of our BAME Talent in House initiative which we run in partnership with the GEM Programme.

Why did you apply for The GEM Programme?
Since I started my career in housing, I have always worked in Asset Services. I first started out in the call centre taking out-of-hours calls, dealing with repairs and external organisation; then became a property service administrator and now I work as the Contracts Manager. I feel that it is the right time for me to take the next steps and by applying to be on the GEM programme, it will give me the opportunity to explore other areas of the business, allow me to develop within my role and learn how it contributes to the wider organisation.

Completing the Gem programme will give me the confidence to apply to more senior positions within Riverside.

How did you find the application process/activities?
There was a lot to complete and do within a relative short period: from the initial application, to the phone interview, to adapting and making the most of technologies to complete tasks such as the vlog where we needed to add captions and background music to create the final version of it. I also needed to prepare for the group discussion and conduct a lot of research for the written piece.

Overall I was pleased I was able to complete the various tasks and submit a good representation of myself.

What are your aims for the next year? What parts of the programme are you looking forward to the most?
I am really looking forward to starting the programme. We already have a solid schedule to start with, meeting the various executive teams within the business.

I’m looking forward to all aspects of the GEM programme, in particular reviewing how the Dutch are dealing with the housing situation, as well as understanding the challenges that were faced with the NI Housing and possible trips to Westminster. Also eager to participate in the “GEM Shacks”.