This consultation is designed to get your views on those golden rules, as well as how we organise services in an easy-to-understand and accessible way.

Consultation – Customer service principles


Customer Service Principles consultation results

Key to the partnership between Riverside and One Housing Group is ensuring customers are involved and have their say.

So, throughout the process, a group of 12 customers – The Task and Finish Group – have been playing a key role.

One thing they sought to establish was a set of key principles which they want the new Riverside Group to adopt.

So, during November, they held a consultation on principles they have devised to get your views.

We promoted this in a leaflet we sent to all customers – either in print or on email depending on your preference – as well as here on our website.

The principles were supported by the overwhelming majority of customers and, as such, will now be adopted by the group

Check out the results below.

Section one – principles

Rule 1 – We will get things right first time 

  • We will deal with all enquiries efficiently and effectively and resolve them without customers having to follow up or chase for a response.
  • We will tell you what we will do to resolve your enquiry and how long it will take.
  • We will tell you who is responsible for dealing with your enquiry.
  • We will keep you informed of what we are doing to put things right if your enquiry cannot be resolved easily or is more complicated.




Rule 2 – We will provide services our customers need and want 

  • We will take time to ensure we understand the needs of all our customers.
  • We will regularly ask our customers how we are performing and what we could do better.
  • We will always take the special needs of our vulnerable and disabled customers into account when designing and providing services.
  • We will adapt our services to ensure we are meeting the needs of all customers.






Rule 3 – We will learn from our mistakes

  • We will listen to what our customers are telling us.
  • We will investigate complaints about our services quickly.
  • We will apologise when we make a mistake and compensate customers where appropriate.
  • We will fix any problems or mistakes that we identify
  • We will make improvements to ensure we don’t repeat our mistakes.






Rule 4 – We will make sure our employees have the knowledge, capability and resources to do the job

  • We will train our employees to undertake their role with competence and confidence.
  • We will provide our employees with the resources they need to do their jobs well.
  • We will trust and value our employees and create a working environment they are proud to be a part of.
  • We will train our team so they are better able to support customers with additional needs.





Section two – making services work for you

Our 12 customer representatives also considered the main reasons customers contact us.

The idea of this exercise was to look at how best to organise these services in the future.

Below are the nine areas which they felt covered the most common reasons why customers would contact us:







Customers also supported these groupings. Check out the results below:

Given the support for these groupings, we will now factor in that feedback into how we design our services to you in the future.

Feedback – You said, we did

A range of feedback was included in your answers. But what are we doing about it?