Climate responsibility

Did you know that a quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions from the United Kingdom come from houses? 
The damaging effects of climate change can be seen around the world and as one of the leading providers of social housing in the UK, we have a duty to ensure our homes are more energy efficient and reduce the level of harmful emissions.  
So for the first time in our 94 year history, we’ve produced our own Climate Plan 2022-26. 
The plan embodies our commitment to ensure our homes are warm, affordable to run and free from damp and mould.  
We’re pleased to say that many of our homes are already up to a good energy standard so there will be no change at all for many customers. However, we recognise some homes will require upgrade work and this will happen over the next four years.  
The plan also includes a pledge to look after our green spaces responsibly – whether that’s planting new trees, creating community gardens or just making better use of areas that have been neglected.


Cert No. 10788