Energy and heating

Heating your home can be a real cost pressure. Here you can find guidance around keeping your costs down while keeping your home warm and free of damp.

Heating your home hints and tips

With energy prices rising all the time, we understand just how much this can put a strain on daily living.
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Condensation, damp and mould

Find out how to tackle water related problems in your home.
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Frozen pipes

Find out about how Frozen pipes can cause problems with heating and boilers when the cold weather arrives.
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Cost of living help and support

There are a number of payments and schemes being made available by the Government to support with energy bills.
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Affordable warmth team

Don’t let mould take over your home. Tackle condensation and damp with our handy tips.
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Switchee device information

Around 2,000 of our properties are fitted with Switchee smart thermostat devices. These devices have been fitted as a pilot, sometimes when properties have become vacant and as part of boiler upgrade programmes.
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