Our vision

The Riverside Group Limited is a charitable Registered Society under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 managed by Executive Directors, and governed by a Group Board.

Our aim is to transform lives and revitalise neighbourhoods.

Our strategy is broken down into three objectives

Connected Customers: Improving our customers’ experience by modernising our services and delivering consistency

Resilient lives: Providing a comprehensive range of services to support those customers who need extra help to thrive in their homes

Better Places:  Improving neighbourhoods by investing in our existing homes, building and acquiring new ones and selling stock to focus our geographical footprint.

We will achieve these objectives by following two routes

Great Team: Ensuring our colleagues and board members are well led, fully engaged, supported and rewarded to deliver our strategy. Involving our customers in scrutinising and influencing what we do.

Effective business:  Securing the resources to deliver our objectives, managing them effectively in order to generate the capacity to make choices and do more.


Riverside’s Vision & Values as approved by Group Board

Vision: Transforming lives: Revitalising neighbourhoods


  • Focusing on customers
  • Respecting every individual
  • Working together
  • Going for it and sticking with it
  • Communicating positively and listening to understand
  • Challenging the conventional
  • Maximising value, minimising waste


An introduction to Riverside

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