Rent a home

We have lots of housing choices to suit you. As well as having a number of homes to rent immediately, in most areas we use choice-based lettings which means you can apply for the home you choose.

Your find a home journey

The journey to finding a new home with Riverside can be confusing but we’ve put together a simple step by step guide to make finding your new home, a breeze.
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Properties available now

Find homes that are available to rent immediately.
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Other homes

You can apply for many of our homes on different websites and through local authorities. Find out how and search for the area you want to live in.
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Our standards

Find out what to expect when renting a home with us.
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Giving notice

What you need to know about handing in your notice and moving out
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What to expect in your new home

We’re committed to making sure your new home is clean, safe and secure ready for you to move in. Before we give you the keys, we do a number of checks with our Housing Team.
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