Rent a home

Find out what to expect when renting a home with us.

Our standards


What to expect when renting a home with us

We monitor the following standards by surveying a sample of applicants and new tenants.

Tenant Standards

Applying for housing

We will:

  • Give you clear advice about your housing options at the first point of contact through our housing offices, Customer Service Centre or website.
  • Ensure there are no barriers to accessing housing and appropriate advice by providing support to obtain information in different formats including interpreters via Language Line.

Offering you a home

We will:

  • Invite you to a private interview and tell you in advance what information you need to provide when we make you a provisional offer.
  • Arrange for you to view the property within two working days of finishing any repair work.
  • Accompany you to view the property on request.
  • Give you details of the quality standard the property should meet, heating systems provided and rent and any charges you will need to pay.


If we offer you the property, we will:

  • Make you a formal offer of accommodation in writing within two working days of viewing which will confirm rent and service charges information.

Moving into your home

We will:

  • Tell you the expected date the tenancy will start and advise you of any future improvement work planned on the property.

If you accept an offer, we will:

  • Agree a time to sign for the tenancy on the same day you accept the offer.
  • Explain the terms of the Tenancy Agreement to you.
  • Provide a welcome pack containing details of all our services and how you can contact us.
  • Tell you if there are any outstanding repairs to be completed when you have moved into the property.

When you sign up for your home, we will:

  • Arrange an appointment to visit you within six weeks of your tenancy start date to discuss any concerns or issues you have.
  • Visit you three times within the first year of your tenancy if you have a Starter Tenancy.