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Our values and behaviours



We Care

We put our customers first every time, going the extra mile to make sure we deliver great homes and services that they need and want.

That means we…

Put customers first

  • Actively listen to understand needs, providing a quality service and delivering first time where we can, communicating well where we can’t.
  • Are genuine, showing empathy and care, ensuring a great customer experience every time.

Do the right thing

  • Deliver on promises, finishing what we start and doing what we say when we say.
  • Act with integrity and have open and honest conversations, challenging anything that goes against our values.

Make a difference

  • Stand up for our beliefs, co-creating and working in partnership with our customers, helping to improve lives and providing equal access to homes and services.
  • Are open to new ideas, finding ways to simplify and do things better, more effectively and efficiently.

We are Inclusive

We respect and value the diversity of our customers and colleagues, welcoming and appreciating the contribution of others.

That means we…

Value people

— Champion belonging, challenging discrimination and appreciating diversity, always treating others with dignity, fairness, and respect.

— Celebrate success, recognising and saying thank you for a job well done.

Realise potential

— Ensure we can all be our true selves at work, removing barriers which could cause disadvantage.

— Seek opportunities to develop, fulfilling our potential and inspiring others to achieve theirs.

Work together

— Collaborate effectively as one team, offering help and support, sharing ideas and experiences to deliver the right outcome.

— Have pride and real purpose, trusting and believing in ourselves, each other, and our customers.

We are Trusted

We work together to build positive relationships, protecting our customers and our Riverside.

That means we…

Give it our all

— Are open to giving, receiving, and acting upon feedback, performing at our best and playing our part in delivering what we must.

— Are resilient, determined and have a positive can do, will do attitude.

Take responsibility

— Are empowered, acting decisively, and working at the right pace.

— Consider the facts, risks, and impact to make the right choices, owning it, and learning when we get it wrong.

Deliver standards

— Don’t walk on by, always aiming to get it right first time, never compromising on our safety and quality standards.

— Comply with policies and processes, but make suggestions and improvements if they get in the way of putting our customers first.