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LGBT hate crime on the rise

LGBT views

During National Hate Crime Awareness Week, Mark Cook, Care and Support Regional Manager, looks at a new report suggesting LGBT people are still experiencing high levels of abuse in the UK.

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Support for hate crime victims as figures rise

New figures released today show a worrying surge in hate crime. According to Home Office figures, hate crime offences recorded by the police rose by a record 29% to 80,393 incidents in the 12 months to March 2017. Figures showed a spike in hate crime following the terrorist attacks in London and Manchester earlier this

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National Coming Out Day

John Glenton, Riverside's Executive Director for Care and Support

On National Coming Out Day, John Glenton, Riverside’s Executive Director for Care and Support and Co-Chair of our LGBT group Spectrum, looks at the importance of being yourself in the workplace.

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World Mental Health Day

Most people spend a large proportion of their time at work, and in recognition this year’s theme for World Mental Health Day is ‘mental health in the workplace’. Executive Directors Ian Gregg and John Glenton explore what Riverside is doing to support colleagues suffering with mental health issues.

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What can we do to help tackle the rise in homelessness?

It’s World Homeless Day on October 10, which highlights the issue of people who are homeless in our communities. Riverside Care and Support provides accommodation and support for people experiencing homelessness, and John Glenton, Riverside’s Executive Director of Care and Support, explains what we are doing to increase our impact in tackling the current rise

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Delivering homes for the North of England

Roof tops in Headingley, Leeds.

Housing is key to revitalising the North of England, but it’s more important to look to the future than the past, says Carol Matthews, Riverside’s Chief Executive. Good quality, affordable housing of the right type and in the right place is essential to the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities. It should also be seen as an

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Sowing the seeds for a healthier lifestyle in Enfield

For a group of young residents in Enfield, getting their five-a-day just got easier. That’s because they’ve learned to plant and grow their own fruit and veg. And, as they’ve found out, healthy eating isn’t the only good thing to come from growing your own. A project being run for residents at Enfield Young People’s

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Tackling social housing stereotypes in the media

Benefit to Society campaign

A Riverside tenant has played a key role in a campaign to tackle social housing stereotypes in the media, and to encourage fair reporting in the news. Sally Trueman has taken part in the Benefit to Society campaign and a media guide, called Fair Press for Tenants, has been put together in collaboration with the National

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