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Sometimes we need to rewrite the rule books

Despite the coronavirus crisis, looking ahead Carol Matthews is hoping a revised Treasury Green Book will help with levelling up the economy…. Budget Day seems like a long time ago. The events of the past fortnight have been extraordinary, forcing us to urgently rethink how we do things, both at home and at work. Everywhere

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Housing First: does it work?

Housing first image

Ahead of the Housing First conference which was scheduled to take place on Mon 16th April, Adele Arnold, Riverside Service Manager for our RSI funded Housing First service in Medway writes about her experience with the model.  Well let’s start with – I truly do love my job as Medway Housing First Service Manager. When

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National Apprenticeship Week 2020: Riverside provides support to Halton resident applying for apprenticeships

Vanessa Shaw, Riverside’s Employment and Training Officer, explains how she has helped a resident in her area successfully apply for an apprenticeship, and is now developing a career working with children. I’ve been working with Lucy a Halton resident, for almost four years. She was referred to one of my work club sessions via Halton

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Riverside’s response to £260 million government funding to support people who are homeless

On 23 December 2019 the Prime Minister pledged more than £260 million to local authorities to eliminate homelessness and rough sleeping. In response to this John Glenton, Riverside’s Executive Director of Care and Support, said: “As a major provider of services to tackle and prevent homelessness, Riverside welcomes the government’s continued commitment to addressing the

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New Year, New Government, New Opportunities

As a new year dawns, the sector must act quickly to make its voice heard to the new MPs on the debate around housing, writes Riverside’s Chief Executive Carol Matthews… 2019 has been a year of change and upheaval, culminating in one of the most remarkable general elections in a generation. As we anticipate the

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Housing matters

Roof tops in Headingley, Leeds.

Rather predictably, so far the general election campaign has been dominated by Brexit and a relatively tight group of domestic issues, with health pretty much at the top of the list. Housing has been much less prominent, despite it being so important to all of our lives. Whether it’s is the inaccessibility of the housing

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As we remember the sacrifices of those that served, here’s how Britain’s new Office for Veteran Affairs can act to end veterans’ homelessness

At this time of year as the nation comes together to pause and commemorate those who made the ultimate sacrifice in active service in all conflicts, it is also important to remember that we must also focus on all those who have served and their families. As well as reflecting on the past it is

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Black culture and its effect on LGBT history

By Michael Gill, Co-chair of Riverside’s LGBT employee network Spectrum Whenever I am asked to write a blog for Black History Month from an LGBT perspective my mind always goes to Marsha P Johnson, the gay activist and drag queen. However this year, I thought it’d be a great time to talk about one example

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Older People’s Day 2019: The valuable contribution older make to society

Willow Brook Extra Care in Washington

To mark Older People’s Day 2019, Sally Nicholson, Riverside’s Head of Operations, explains why it is important that we all celebrate the achievements and contribution older people make in our communities. Today, October 1, is the celebration of older people and the contribution they make to our society. As many of us are aware, the number

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