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Be on the lookout – Tenancy Fraud Awareness Week

Help us to stamp out tenancy fraud. That’s the key message from Riverside for this year’s Tenancy Fraud Week (12-18 November 2023). Every year, we see countless examples of tenancy fraud – where people move in to social housing properties then sublet them to others at a profit. Our investigators spend countless hours investigating these

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GROW – Chris’ story

Chris started as a GROW Project Assistant at Rose Brae and was offered a permanent role as a Project Worker after only four months. Read his story…

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Volunteers Week 2023 – John’s story

“I started volunteering in January 2017 with the intention of gaining experience working in the support services sector. At the time I was living in a supported accommodation for people facing issues around drugs and alcohol, after losing my job and becoming homeless. I had an old friend who worked for Riverside after volunteering himself

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