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Supporting our frontline during Covid19 – James’ story

James Burns, an Environmental Officer in Liverpool, answered our call for extra support on the frontline during lockdown, to help us continue delivering important services for customers. He tells us about his time as Interim Service Delivery Manager at our Powerhouse service in Liverpool. When lockdown began, the Environment Services team were stood down until

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Armed Forces Day: Jason’s road to recovery thanks to The Beacon

Jason Zerafa_is a resident at The Beacon.

On Armed Forces Day, Jason Zerafa shares his story of how The Beacon has helped him rediscover his identity and he’s now helping others at the supported housing service for veterans during the Covid-19 pandemic. The Beacon is our homeless veterans’ accommodation in Catterick Garrison, North Yorkshire. I served with 4 Rifles Regiment and moved

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Employability Day 2020: How we’re helping customers learn new skills and find employment even through lockdown

To mark Employability Day, Gail Jenson, Riverside’s lead for Employment and Training, talks about the change in the way they deliver services to Riverside customers who are looking for training opportunities or work. As well as supporting those who have been affected by the recent Covid-19 situation and helping them to find direction. Before the

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Resettlement options for people who’ve been sleeping rough during COVID-19

The Government has brought forward funding to provide 6,000 additional housing units for people brought inside from rough sleeping during the COVID-19 crisis. More than half of these are going to be made available in the next 12 months, with additional ‘revenue’ funding also available to provide support. Riverside support over 3,000 people who are

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Finding the Spirit of Christmas

How working with people affected by homelessness in Guildford and cooking a meal for 40 people helps Oliver understand the true meaning of Christmas. “It’s often the people who have least to celebrate who make the greatest effort.” This Christmas, 2019, will be the third year in which Oliver Topple has chosen to spend Christmas

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What can Riverside do for customers who are in fuel poverty?

To mark Fuel Poverty Awareness Day, Riverside’s Michael Anderson talks about how we help customers affected by fuel poverty. National Energy Action (NEA) estimate that around four million UK households are in fuel poverty and are unable to afford to live in a warm home. With winter around the corner, Riverside want to ensure that

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Everything changed when I was referred to Hardwick House

Two years ago, I didn’t want to live. I’d go to bed and pray that I wouldn’t wake up. I was only 42 but I’d led a destructive, dysfunctional life. The things I’d done – drug dealing, violence, substance abuse and sleeping rough – were haunting me. But a chance meeting with a fellow veteran

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Steve’s recovery journey began when he came Vaughan House

A 25-year addiction to heroin had plagued Steve Rodda’s life. The 51-year-old from Guildford has been kidnapped, attacked with an axe and has slept rough in a tent. But with support from Riverside, Steve is starting to lead the normal life he’s always craved. “I was about 18 when I started doing drugs. I smoked

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