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Riverside helped me when nobody else would…

Riverside Money Advice team helped Linsey

After more than two years struggling with mounting debt, and barely managing to scrape together her weekly rent, Riverside customer Linsey reached a crisis point. With two children to look after and rent arrears, she knew she needed help… and Riverside came to the rescue… “Each week I struggled to get enough to pay the

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Steve’s recovery journey began when he came Vaughan House

A 25-year addiction to heroin had plagued Steve Rodda’s life. The 51-year-old from Guildford has been kidnapped, attacked with an axe and has slept rough in a tent. But with support from Riverside, Steve is starting to lead the normal life he’s always craved. “I was about 18 when I started doing drugs. I smoked

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Riverside colleagues raise big bucks for Cancer Research UK

Riverside selected Cancer Research UK to be its corporate charity in September 2014. So far colleagues have raised over £14,500. Colleagues really entered into the spirit of fundraising for such a worthy cause and have held many events since the partnership started. During Launch Week at the end of September Riverside staff held a Football

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Riverside apprentice is on track to gain valuable work experience

It’s National Apprenticeship Week and Riverside is proud to be helping young people take their first step in to the working world. Our Employment and Training programme is there to help people on the path to learn new skills so they can secure a job and transform their life. Among those we have helped is

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Park View in the words of a volunteer

Park View

It was never was my ambition to become an addict. But after discovering alcohol at the age of eight, my life spiralled into the depths of despair. I didn’t have the easiest childhood. I was the second eldest of six, brought up single-handed by my mother. I always felt different. Being in a wheelchair from

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On-line sourcing of goods just got easier

The Riverside Procurement Team have recently purchased ‘Due North’ software for the on-line sourcing of goods and services to replace the antiquated paper based approach. This software provides a multitude of benefits in relation to sourcing and tendering and provides a ‘Marketplace’ called ‘The Chest’ allowing access to tens of thousands of suppliers across all

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