Op FORTITUDE Case Study – T’s Story

‘T’ is an armed forces veteran who had suffered a severe stroke which permanently impaired the right side of his body. He was referred into Op Fortitude by a specialist medical charity after he was left homeless after spending months in hospital and losing his property. The hospital was no longer able to provide care for him and he faced the possibility of being discharged from rehab hospital and being homeless or sofa surfing in a city where he would be isolated.

Acknowledging the urgency of his situation, the Op Fortitude team kept in regular contact with him ensuring he was placed in stable accommodation. The Op Fortitude team also worked closely with the discharge team to ensure a smooth transition from hospital into his supported accommodation. Once accommodation had been sourced for ‘T’ the Discharge Team helped with ‘T’ transportation.

Initially Op Fortitude placed ‘T’ into emergency accommodation for a brief time until a place became available in specialist supported accommodation located close enough to the hospital so that he can easily attend appointments.