Be on the lookout – Tenancy Fraud Awareness Week

Help us to stamp out tenancy fraud.

That’s the key message from Riverside for this year’s Tenancy Fraud Week (12-18 November 2023).

Every year, we see countless examples of tenancy fraud – where people move in to social housing properties then sublet them to others at a profit.

Our investigators spend countless hours investigating these cases and trying to get our properties back on housing waiting lists.

With so many people on waiting lists for home transfers or on local authority housing lists, it’s vital we tackle these cases.

Raj Vine, Customer Safety Manager, said: “Tenancy fraud can have a negative effect on communities and you, our customers, with people who are not using their property as their main or principal home and unlawfully sublet. It’s important that we protect social housing for people who are in need of a home. So, if you suspect tenancy fraud, it’s vital you report it to us so we can help to keep you safe and prevent homes from subletting”.

To report a case in confidence please call 0345 111 0000.

Case study

We received a complaint from a neighbour that one of our homes was being used as an Air BnB with a “park as long as you like” service for a local airport. This was causing parking problems, and at one stage there were 14 cars parked at the property. The advert on the website had a photograph of the front door with a plaque confirming the address, twice mentioned that the tenant didn’t live “on site”, and even described it as “a holiday home”. Notices were served against the tenant, and we got back possession of the property. The original complainant was delighted the parking problems are at an end and thanked us for acting.