Starts at Home 2023 – Gloucestershire

This is Mark’s story, in his own words: 

Claremont House has saved my life.  

Having lived in several supported living schemes I didn’t hold out much hope for Claremont House, but I was wrong.   

I have chronic heart failure, COPD & severe traumatic arthritis.   

I was more than catered for with a basement flat, level access, wet room etc.   

2 weeks after moving in, Claremont House started a scheme for me to have a dog, Rosie.   

I believe had this not happened, I wouldn’t be here, or I’d be back in prison.   

Anna is the Dog Champion for the scheme and has been amazing.   

Debs and Paul, my previous and current support workers should be renamed as the A-Team.   

They really care and do so much. 

Claremont has had a massive impact on my life is heading now.” 

From Kevin Hodgin, Service Manager