Op FORTITUDE Case Study – A’s Story

‘A’ is an Armed Forces veteran and self-referred to Op Fortitude when he was facing numerous challenges in his life such as homelessness, struggling with motivation and self-care – in fact he had reached a point where he relied on the companionship of his pet dog to get him through each day.

As well as suffering with severe mental health issues and a diagnosis of anxiety, PTSD and depression ‘A’ had substance and alcohol abuse issues although at the point he reached out to Op Fortitude, he had been clean for the last 7 months.

Op Fortitude immediately placed ‘A’ into emergency accommodation while his referral was being processed and then a move into The Beacon, Riverside’s specialist supported service for veterans in North Yorkshire. Importantly the accommodation was able to cater for his pet dog.

‘A’ has now taken a crucial step towards improving his life situation. The security of secure, supported accommodation, coupled with access to services that can address his complex needs have provided him with the opportunity to rebuild his life and find a new sense of purpose.