How a noise complaint led Riverside to take action against domestic abuse

Our commitment to “transforming lives and revitalising neighbourhoods” is at the heart of everything we do and we pride ourselves on being so much more than just a landlord.

Earlier this year we took positive action to help a customer suffering from domestic abuse. Our number one priority is the safety of our customers and we ensure that anyone suffering domestic abuse has the all the help and assistance they need.

Investigating noise complaints

We had received a number of noise complaints from a customer living in one of our homes about their neighbour. The complaints had been made over the course of two years and our team had made numerous attempts to address these concerns with the person making the noise. This person’s name is Sarah (this is an assumed name).

During this time one of our dedicated Customer Safety Officers delved into the case to get it resolved.

All Riverside staff, whether they are customer-facing or not, undergo training to look out for signs of abuse. When the officer looked into the case, she liaised with our local housing officer and other agencies. It became clear during a hearing about the noise complaints that Sarah was vulnerable and suffering from domestic abuse.

A fresh start

We knew we needed to help Sarah escape from this cycle of violence and move to a safe location.

Riverside is a national housing association with homes across the country. So, in conjunction with partner agencies who were already supporting Sarah, we worked to give Sarah a fresh start in a new home.

This was quite an undertaking and staff from various teams around Riverside worked together on the move.

Our Customer Safety Officer contacted the local team in a different region of the country and a suitable home was found for Sarah.

Our team then arranged the transfer of Sarah’s belongings, booked train tickets and worked to furnish the new home with white goods, furniture and plants. This was partly funded through £500 from our Tenancy Sustainment Fund.

The team met her at the station, took her to the new house, and even arranged for there to be a nice, hot meal on her first night.

When Sarah got to the newly furnished house, she said “it was like Christmas”.

With our support, and the support of partner agencies, Sarah is sustaining her tenancy well.

We’re here to help

Remember that you are not alone.

If you have been affected by domestic abuse, or know someone that has, please visit the Safety and Support section of our website and we’ll help you get the advice and support you need.

Please note: Sarah is an assumed name