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Housing is rarely mentioned in the conversation about levelling up

Here is how the housing sector should change the story about levelling up ahead of this year’s crucial Spending Review. In particular the strategy should focus on homelessness and rethinking Homes England’s investment strategy, write Carol Matthews and Richard Hill One recent Friday afternoon the two of us walked around one of One Housing’s estates. In the shadow

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Call for spare rooms and properties to let in north London to help people experiencing homelessness

Sandra Thompson

Do you have a spare room or apartment to rent out in Hackney and surrounding areas? Social housing provider Riverside is working in partnership with Hackney Council to find much-needed accommodation for people experiencing homelessness, and are looking for suitable properties and rooms that can be rented out. Under the initiative, private landlords have the

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Kerslake Commission’s interim report: Government must act upon recommendations

The Kerslake Comission’s newly published interim report on homelessness and rough sleeping is a landmark moment in recognising the need for a long-term national strategy, joined up commissioning and a far greater focus on homelessness prevention. Our Executive Director for Care & Support, John Glenton, explains why the Government must now heed and act upon

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International Non-binary People’s Day

Non-binary Pride flag

14 July is International Non-binary People’s Day, which aims to celebrate the wide range of people worldwide who identify as non-binary. What does it mean to be non-binary? Non-binary is an umbrella term for people whose gender identity doesn’t sit comfortably with ‘man’ or ‘woman’. Non-binary identities are varied and can include people who identify

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New research to create a roadmap to end veterans’ homelessness in the UK

A new research study has been launched with the aim of creating a roadmap to end homelessness for British military veterans. Pre-coronavirus estimates indicate that between 100 and 400 veterans sleep rough every year and a further 3,000 to 4,000 face homelessness. Veterans often leave the Armed Forces with no adult experience of finding housing. Helping

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Army veteran’s personal battle after hitting rock bottom

Mark Dunn from Hardwick House

“I’ve found who I am, and now I’m me and it’s amazing,” is an army veteran’s reaction after receiving help from a supported housing service as he urges others to do the same. Trauma can come in many forms and manifest over time. For Mark Dunn the death of his grandparents who raised him and

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Riverside and One Housing Groups in partnership talks

The Riverside Group and One Housing have announced plans to form a complementary partnership. This follows a shared recognition that we are better and stronger together; and that when we combine we will be able to do more for our customers and the communities we serve. Initially there will be limited impact to our services

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Why celebrating Pride is more important than ever

By John Glenton, Executive Director of Care and Support and Executive Sponsor of our LGBTIQ+ staff network Spectrum. Why Pride?  I know some people are asking why the UK still needs LGBTIQ+ events when in some respects our community has never had it so good. With so many improvements in the equality laws and high-profile

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Second largest ever Unlawful Profit Order after huge tenancy fraud

A woman who unlawfully sub-let her social housing property has been ordered to pay more than £155,000 in one of the largest cases of its kind. Miss Adejoke Patience Ologe, aged 56, had rented out the two-bedroom flat in Camberwell, South London to two women and their children despite renting the accommodation herself from Riverside

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