Lyreco supporting our GROW programme – Ian’s story

As a family-owned business our customers are at the heart of our existence. Across the country in 2023 Lyreco delivered £79m of social value, calculated and audited by the Social Value Portal using the recognised TOMS social value model.

Lyreco Goodness drives our good work with customers, suppliers, our own employees, our charity partners, our supplier support programme and many other local campaigns we supported that are aligned with our goodness goals. Have a look what Lyreco Goodness is all about.

Lyreco’s sustainable development strategy is driven around supporting People, Planet & Communities. We have committed programmes to help steer us to Carbon Net Zero, eradicate waste, support mental health and wellbeing, whilst working with supplier to ensure 90% of what we sell supports our strategic goals of being good for people, good for planet or good for communities. Our 2024 Sustainability and Social Value report can be viewed here.

Riverside have been a loyal customer to Lyreco driven around our service and value proposition. We have supported many programmes with Riverside over the past few years.

We were made aware of the GROW programme after an invite from Eleanor to visit the Mustard Tree project in Manchester. We had the privilege of talking to service users and how they benefit from the programme.

After a few conversations to understand the GROW project and the impact it has on individuals that have had challenged pasts. Lyreco decided it would be amazing to work closely with the community team and help invest and fund a position for the GROW programme.

The smiles, confidence, hope and belief we saw in Riverside beneficiaries of the programme was the motivation to support. We would urge anyone to go see for themselves and get involved.

Ian Bottoms
Head Of Education & Public Sector North
Lyreco UK & Ireland