Working at Riverside – case studies

Business Analyst, Liverpool.

Jared Robinson


Name: Jared Robinson
Location: Liverpool
Role: Business Analyst
Time at Riverside: 18 Years

What are your main responsibilities at Riverside?
My job is to support our Business Change projects by working with colleagues to identify how we can improve the service we offer. This can range from a tweak to a routine process through to implementing a new technology solution. I love the fact I get to learn about different subjects, meet new people and contribute to a better customer experience.

What does a typical day look like for you?
A morning catch up – no matter what something will have happened since I last logged on that I need to respond to. Fridays seem to be the worst for that for some reason! Then after that it is on to the productive stuff meeting with stakeholders ranging from Executive Directors to frontline staff to make sure the current project will meet their needs and then passing the requirements on to be implemented. It doesn’t end there for me though as I remain involved helping to answer queries and generally supporting a project through to go live and beyond.

What’s your work environment like?
I mainly reside in the comfort of our Head Office although I have been known to get a hard hat and boots on to make sure things are going to plan at one of our new build developments. You haven’t lived until you have seen the mid-winter sun rise over an array of scaffolding!  When necessary my job also takes me to our others offices up and down the country to make sure what we are doing will meet the needs of each locality.

How has COVID-19 changes your role?
Like a lot of people the pandemic situation has seen me switch to working from home. Face-to-face meetings and workshops have turned in to video calls including the standard toddler interruptions! Right from the start, Riverside focussed on making sure colleagues were safe to continue to work and gave full support to do so in a manner that suited each individual’s circumstances. I have found it challenging at times but fully appreciate that I have been a lot more fortunate than many others.

What are Riverside’s customers like?
Customers are at the heart of everything Riverside does and we probably have one of the most diverse customer bases you will find. We make sure to give our customers a voice and we listen to their feedback. They have a say in what happens and are part of the decision making process. I don’t work directly on the frontline as it were but I have witnessed how we change lives for the better and it is very humbling.

What do you like about Riverside’s approach to ensuring a diverse workplace?Riverside take a very visible and proactive approach to this.  All colleagues are made aware of the policies but it is not a one way thing, everyone is able to offer feedback and has an opportunity to contribute. There are staff run groups that meet regularly which anyone can join and support and make sure that Riverside continues to meet the needs of all employees and customers.

What would you say if recommending working at Riverside to a friend?
It’s a great place to work. I remember walking in for my interview all those years ago and instantly feeling ‘great vibes’ from the place. I knew then it could potentially be a job for life and so far so good! I am doing a completely different job to what I was doing back then and like me I’ve seen so many others take advantage of the opportunities to improve and progress throughout the organisation.