Working at Riverside – case studies

Performance Coach, Customer Service.

Kellie Jonas


Name: Kellie Jonas
Location: Liverpool
Role: Performance Coach, Customer Service
Time at Riverside: 3 years

Kellie is part of our BAME Talent in House initiative which we run in partnership with the GEM Programme

Why did you apply for The GEM Programme?
I saw the GEM programme as a unique opportunity to learn more about the housing field whilst gaining a better understanding of Riverside’s culture, goals and the company as a whole. It was also a chance to challenge myself and gain a qualification that l may not have otherwise had the opportunity to gain.

In an organisation the size of Riverside exposure to other departments and its leaders is not something that I would have been likely to experience; the GEM programme is a chance to change that and identify my strengths and skills in other areas outside my current role.

How did you find the application process/activities?
The application process was different and really pushed me outside my comfort zone. The application process was really smooth and you were contacted when they said they would. The second part of the interview was the most challenging. The activities were creative and I had never experienced an interview/process like it before. The activities meant I had to really think about my answers, research and plan my submissions. The activities really make you think outside the box and challenge the normal expectations of what is involved in an interview. It is not something l am likely to forget – it proved I am capable of more than l think I am.

What are your aims for the next year? What parts of the programme are you looking forward to the most?
My aims for next year are to fully experience all this programme has to offer. I want to find out about different areas within Riverside with a view to identifying a career path. I am most looking forward to meeting the other candidates who will be representing Riverside on the programme along with attending and participating in the “GEM Shacks”. These present an opportunity to learn and grow with other people outside of Riverside and to develop new skills and friendships. The chance to listen to other views and identify new ways of doing things.

This year has been hard on us all and next year is a chance to put that behind us and for me to gain a qualification, something that I not only thought was impossible but without Riverside would not have had a chance to gain.