Partner with us

Riverside are looking to work with organisations who share our vision to transform the lives of the people we work with and revitalise their neighbourhoods.

Riverside Care and Support welcomes informal expressions of interest from organisations who would like to work in partnership with Riverside to bid for and to deliver a range of high quality services to vulnerable individuals, creating pathways for people – off the streets, away from offending, a violent relationship or substance misuse into sustainable lifestyles where they can fulfil their potential.

We are looking to work with organisations who share our vision to transform the lives of the people we work with, and revitalise the neighbourhoods in which they live. We are keen to engage with experienced providers who are able to offer innovative, evidence-based and outcome-focussed solutions to supporting individuals to gain and sustain fulfilled and independent lives.

Why consider our offer?

  • The opportunity to co-bid for increasingly larger contract opportunities (with the financial backing of a group structure)
  • To meet the changing nature of contracting, with many local authorities preferring consortia to deliver their contracts
  • The potential for both parties to make a greater impact on customers’ lives through the sharing of expertise and resources
  • To optimise growth through financial Investment (both supporting cash flow, and further growth)
  • To capitalise on the established reputation of the Riverside Group
  • To leverage expertise across the breadth of Riverside’s internal infrastructure
  • Access to Riverside’s broad network which provides connections across multiple service sectors, with local authorities and funders
  • The chance to learn from each other and share best practice in service delivery, bringing greater value to the customers we provide services to
  • To benefit from Riverside’s innovative approach to service delivery
  • The potential to benefit from Riverside’s Impact Fund – our unique approach to social impact investing

If you would like an informal chat about partnering with Riverside, please email us at [email protected]

If you are in need of housing or at risk of homelessness, please get in touch with us via our contact us page.