Responsible Business and Social Value

What we do

As a leading national provider of social and affordable housing, Riverside is about so much more than bricks and mortar. We have an impressive track record of investing in added-value activities for individuals and communities to deliver measurable positive outcomes.

We consider the impact our business has on our customers and service users as well as the wider community. This includes doing business in an ethical way and ensuring our employees feel cared for, trusted and included.

Our values ensure we act as a socially responsible service provider and employer, whilst respecting the environment. Since 2021 we have reported on our work in this area through the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) framework. We continue to work within and beyond the ESG framework to deliver positive outcomes for individuals and the communities in which we operate.

Sustainability lies at the heart of our business and is an extension of Riverside’s traditional role, linking closely with our vision of transforming lives, revitalising neighbourhoods.

Passionate about volunteering

Volunteers have been central in all we do at Riverside for a long time. Whether it’s the customer who gives their time to support new people entering one of our Supported Housing services, a member of the public who helps run coffee mornings or someone who has experienced homelessness helping others in a similar position, volunteers are enriching our services and helping tailor them to suit our customers’ needs.

Our achievements so far


Donated to Marie Curie over four years of hard work and support from colleagues undertaking bake sales, sweepstakes, garden parties, clothes donations and two treks to Nepal and Borneo.


contribution to the Riverside Foundation as one of the pledges made as part of the merger with One Housing Group. This £2.5m (rising with inflation) will be an annual donation. This new investment has enabled the Foundation to continue to deliver established services, whilst rapidly scaling up its support for communities, and seeking new ways to help people tackle the cost-of-living crisis.

1,300 hours

of exercise undertaken by Riverside colleagues for the 2023 Stretch for CHT campaign, clocking up around 10,000km collectively and raising £1,800 for Church Homeless Trust.

Our colleague groups


Enable‘s vision is to support disabled colleagues, providing assistance and information to anyone experiencing short or long-term disability or illness. Members are involved in ensuring our policies and procedures comply with the law, as well as supporting managers and ensuring staff can carry out their jobs regardless of any impairment.


EMpower acts as a forum for improving equal opportunities and diversity within Riverside and the communities it serves. The group provides information, guidance and support to help staff to fulfil their potential as we all sharing ideas, concerns and best practice.


Our Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) colleague group is there for anyone with an interest in LGBT issues, offering the opportunity to contribute to the development of our policies, procedures and systems and the impact they have. Pride also offers confidential support and guidance for LGBT colleagues and managers.

We also have several colleague peer support groups, which enable colleagues to meet in a safe place with others experiencing similar circumstances. We have so far developed groups to support with cancer, bereavement, menopause, mental health and carers, and parents.

Group Procurement

Our updated Group Procurement policy commits to encouraging our supply chain to provide opportunities of employment, work experience, training, volunteering/ apprenticeship programmes or contributions to the Riverside Foundation.

We also actively consider the environmental and sustainability impact in our procurement of goods and services, assessing specifications and tender proposals appropriately.

“The £33k raised by our in-house explorers, combined with the £50k+ Riverside raised whilst Marie Curie was our corporate charity gives an understated total of over £83k. Thank you to everyone who played a part in raising funds – a true demonstration of our We Care value.”

Group Chief Executive, Carol Matthews